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Death Will Tremble

Austin, TX

heavy and heartfelt.

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heavy and heartfelt.

Death Will Tremble is a metal band from Austin, TX with a sound that is as heavy as it is emotionally charged, leaning towards a melodic, downtempo feel that has been compared to everything from Crowbar to “the darkest parts of the Deftones,” and called everything from doom to “sludgy, atmospheric post-metal.”

With long-time friend and producer, Tim Gerron (Deadhorse/MOD), behind the board, Death Will Tremble released their debut album independently in May of 2016. “Mona” received considerable press for a first effort from an unsigned band, earning a spot on Metal Trenches’ Top 10 Most Innovative Releases of 2016, as well as the number one spot on MetalNexus’ Top 25 Releases of 2016.

After a brief tour in support of the record, the band focused on regional appearances and acted as support for countless touring bands in their hometown, including Crowbar, Lord Dying, All Shall Perish, Katatonia, and Caspian. Festival appearances include official showcases at SXSW in both 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as the inaugural Housecore Horror Fest, organized by Phil Anselmo.

“Departures,” the follow up EP to Death With Tremble’s 2016 debut full-length, showcases a much more developed, much more emotionally devastating sound that is more confident than its predecessor. Trading shredding guitar solos for mournful slide guitar melodies, traditional metal vocals for something more visceral and honest, and opting to create one cohesive work rather than separating a single thought into multiple pieces, Death Will Tremble have set themselves apart by offering a truly unique addition to the world of heavy music.

Death Will Tremble is:

Hunter Townsend - Vocals

Jason Powell - Rhythm Guitar

Chase Townsend - Lead Guitar

Jake Archer - Bass

Jake Rabin - Drums